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How Hemp Extract Gummies Can Help Manage Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms

If you have been diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease, even with typical antibiotic treatments, there may still be days when you don't feel quite right. Many patients look for more natural, holistic ways to manage these lingering, ongoing symptoms. One option that works well for many patients is taking hemp extract gummies or full-spectrum CBD gummies. Here's a closer look at how these gummies can help manage your chronic Lyme disease symptoms, along with some reasons why they're such a good choice. 

Why hemp extract gummies are a good choice

Hemp extract gummies are a good choice because they can be used in conjunction with the other medications you're already using to treat your Lyme disease. Check with your doctor to be sure, but in general, it is okay to take CBD and hemp extract when you're already taking antibiotics, antidepressants, and prescription pain relievers. You should not have to stop taking your prescription meds to take hemp extract gummies.

Hemp extract gummies are also a good choice because they address multiple symptoms at once. Instead of taking one herb for one symptom and another herb for a different symptom, you can just stake hemp extract. Lyme causes a lot of different symptoms, but CBD and hemp extract have a lot of different effects.

Lyme symptoms that hemp extract helps manage

Hemp extract — or more specifically, the cannabinoids it contains — help relieve inflammation. A lot of the symptoms you develop with Lyme disease are directly or indirectly caused by inflammation. The arthritis in your joints that leads to swelling, stiffness, and pain — that's inflammation. The brain fog you sometimes experience may have to do with inflammation in the lining of your brain and nerves. CBD, especially, is really good at reducing inflammation, which is how it eases so many Lyme symptoms.

CBD and hemp extract also tend to have mentally uplifting qualities. CBD can relieve anxiety, help promote sleep, and ease stress. When you have Lyme disease, anxiety and insomnia are common. Sometimes they are directly caused by the disease, and other times they are the result of constantly having to worry about your other symptoms and treatments! In either case, CBD can help alleviate these symptoms so you can relax and get better rest. When you're well-rested, your immune system will be better able to fight the spirochetes causing the Lyme disease, so your symptoms should remain better managed altogether.

Chronic Lyme disease can be really frustrating to live with, but hemp extract gummies and CBD gummies can really help fill in the gaps and give relief when your prescriptions alone aren't cutting it.

If you have additional questions, contact a medical professional or natural health store to learn more about hemp extract gummies.