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How To Use Bromelain To Heal A Bruise More Quickly

It usually takes a day or two for a bruise to develop after an accidental bump or fall. It may then take a couple of weeks or more for the bruise to heal completely. If you develop a bruise that can be covered by clothing, you can probably ignore the discoloration. If you develop a bruise on your face, however, you are more likely to look for a medical remedy to hasten the healing.

An accidental bump to the cheek or forehead can sometimes result in a black eye, even if the eye is not the point of impact. Regardless of the location of a facial bruise, it may serve as a momentary distraction for people you interact with. Fortunately, there is a natural remedy derived from pineapple that may speed up the rate at which you recover from a bruise.

The bromelain enzyme

Bromelain is a health supplement available in capsule form. Although bromelain is naturally found in all the inner parts of a pineapple, the enzyme is more concentrated in the central stem. Canned pineapple is relatively low in bromelain because the core is removed during processing. Pineapple juice is also lower in bromelain because of the missing core ingredient.

The center stem of a pineapple is too tough to be included in a grocery product. Instead, the center core is used in the production of bromelain supplements for consumer use. The center stem is made up of tough fibers, making it somewhat spongy. If you choose to do so, the center core can be removed and then carefully chewed as if it were a tough bubble gum.

Home remedy for bromelain extraction

Cutting a pineapple apart is fairly straightforward. If you want to retrieve the spongy core for its bromelain content, slice away the edible pineapple portions for later use. Small sections of the core can then be cut off and chewed in a slow, deliberate manner. After the pineapple juice is chewed from the watery core, spit out the remaining dry fibers.

Effects of bromelain

Bromelain appears to work by reducing the amount of inflammation surrounding an injury. One study of participants engaged in the sport of boxing indicated that bromelain helped to heal bruises faster. Other studies have shown that bromelain may help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with an injury, such as pain and swelling.

In addition to the healing of bruises, bromelain may be useful in reducing inflammation due to sinusitis. Contact a natural health consultant for more information about bromelain supplements.

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