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Three Ways To Beat Insomnia While You're Pregnant

Approximately 78 percent of pregnant women battle insomnia at some point during their pregnancy, so it's not surprising that getting a good night's sleep while you're expecting can feel impossible. Insomnia might be common among pregnant women, but you don't have to be sleep deprived. Check out these tips to learn how to sleep comfortably while you're with child.

Use Several Pillows

Getting comfortable in bed isn't something that's always easy for pregnant women to accomplish. If you aren't comfortable, chances are, you don't have enough pillows, or you don't have the right kind of pillows.

If you sleep on your side, place a firm pillow under your stomach to support the additional weight that comes with carrying a baby. Also, snuggle up to a body pillow, and use it to cradle the side of your face and add support between your legs. If your back bothers you when you sleep, place one or two small, firm pillows under your knees so that the natural curve of your spine is supported.

If you sleep on your back, stuff pillows along the sides of your body from your hips to your armpits. Make sure the pillows are partially underneath you for support. Also, place a pillow under your knees and under your feet to relieve aching joints and keep your feet from swelling.

Additionally, using a pillow, like an aulterra energy pillow, that's designed to neutralize the toxins in your body could help you relax and ease any pain that you're experiencing. Neutralizing pillows are small and flat, so it's easy to use comfortably under your back, neck, or feet. They are designed to increase calmness, help you sleep better, and relieve any joint pain.

Stick to a Bedtime Schedule

Sticking to a normal bedtime routine helps your body know when it should be sleeping. To start a routine, choose a realistic bedtime for your schedule. Before you actually go to bed, go through a nighttime routine to prepare your body for sleep, such as taking a warm bath with lavender essential oils to get your body to relax, putting on comfy pajamas, meditating, and applying a natural-made lotion that's designed to promote relaxation. Additionally, when you get into bed, practice deep breathing techniques until you begin to drift off to sleep.

Exercise Daily

Obviously you shouldn't complete an extreme exercise routine while you're pregnant, and you shouldn't begin an exercise routine without consulting your doctor first. However, exercises, such as prenatal yoga or short after-dinner walks will help you relax.

The fact is, pregnancy often makes you uncomfortable and it's common to have random aches and pains. However, your pregnancy symptoms don't have to keep you up all night. With the right pillows, regular exercise, and a nighttime routine, you can get a good night's sleep.