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natural treatment for illnesses and pains

Have you ever looked into the natural supplements that can be used to treat common illnesses and pains and what can be taken to prevent illnesses and pains? This is one thing that I have grown to love. Natural health care has so many options for just about everyone to take advantage of. I have created a blog to help others find the natural treatments and supplements that can be used in place of the chemical based products that are marketed today. Hopefully, you can find what you need to treat or prevent you and your family's illnesses and pains.



Three Natural Remedies For Depression

Are you struggling to get your depression under control? If traditional treatment methods aren't able to relieve your symptoms completely, you may want to consider exploring alternative treatment methods.


Sticking needles into your skin may not seem like a big mood booster. But there is some evidence that acupuncture may help in the battle against depression. Acupuncture is the practice of inserting very fine needles into key points in the skin. The philosophy behind it comes from the ancient Chinese belief that qi-- natural energy-- flows throughout the body. Qi travels on road-like meridians that can become blocked by stress and negativity. Needles are used to unblock meridians and guide energy towards areas that need it.

Those who practice acupuncture believe that there is not enough qi flowing through the body of a depressed person. Needles are inserted in the hands and feet in an effort to stimulate qi. While more research is needed to determine if acupuncture is a viable form of treatment for depression, it may be worth seeing if it works for you.


Exercise is well-known for its ability to release endorphins-- neurotransmitters that make you feel good. Since getting your sweat on has mood-boosting abilities, it makes sense that exercise would be a natural way to keep depression in check.

Several studies have been done to show a link between exercise and a reduction in depression symptoms. One study compared those who took SSRI drugs with those who exercised regularly. After the 16-week study concluded, about 70% of all participants were no longer depressed, with both groups doing similarly well. Six months later, those who continued exercising were less likely to experience a relapse of depressive symptoms. Consider that the next time you need some motivation to hit the gym.

St. John's wort

St. John's wort is a plant known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It may be useful in treating depression, as well. Generally taken in supplement form or as a tea, St. John's wort was shown in some studies to be just as effective as common SSRIs at relieving the symptoms of depression.

If you're currently on SSRIs or other medication for depression, talk to your doctor before taking St. John's wort, as taking both may lead to dangerous drug interactions.

Depression is a serious illness, and getting it under control can be a struggle. Work with your doctor or psychiatrist to see if any alternative treatment methods may be appropriate for you. You may also want to check out a company like Living It Out for more information natural remedies.