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natural treatment for illnesses and pains

Have you ever looked into the natural supplements that can be used to treat common illnesses and pains and what can be taken to prevent illnesses and pains? This is one thing that I have grown to love. Natural health care has so many options for just about everyone to take advantage of. I have created a blog to help others find the natural treatments and supplements that can be used in place of the chemical based products that are marketed today. Hopefully, you can find what you need to treat or prevent you and your family's illnesses and pains.


Benefits You Derive From The Use Of Monarda Essential Oil

If you ever join a conversation about Monarda essential oils, also known as bee balm, what you'll hear is that all are in agreement about the absolutely aromatic fragrance of this plant from which antimicrobial qualities are distilled. The ingredients distilled from the Monarda plant are used to treat infections and skin conditions. 

Monarda's essential oil contains a quite potent anti-fungal ingredient that effectively treats fungal foot infections such as athlete's foot and lichen planus. In the latter condition, Monarda attacks itchy papules on your thighs, forearms, and wrist areas. Because of the plant's antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, this allows the oil to successfully treat infections and inflammations. It's also effective in treating abscesses, eczema, and psoriasis. Monarda essential oil has the ability to cleanse and purify your skin when used as a cosmetic cream.

If you're curious about Monarda essential oils, read on to learn more about how you can use them. 

Chemical Composition Of Monarda

The chemical composition of Monarda is predominated by Geraniol, which is an organic and fragrant alcohol that is found in the essential oils of flowers. Monarda also contains Linalool that is also a fragrant alcohol found in essential oils of some flowers. The chemical compound Citral is also contained in Monarda.

Used For Genital Issues

Genital itching that you endure can sometimes be cured by the antibacterial properties contained in the Monarda plant, and it can also be used to treat urinary tract infections, vaginitis, urethra inflammation, cystitis, and other genital fungal conditions.

Benefit From Respiratory Conditions By Using Monarda

There are other conditions for which you can receive not only relief but a cure from using Monarda. It's utilized for massage purposes, diffusion, or inhalation needs as well as relieving people from bronchitis, colds, sinusitis, and ear problems.

Discuss Monarda Use With Your Physician

For those of you who have allergy conditions, it would be best for you to discuss your plan to use Monarda with your primary care physician or your dermatologist since you could negatively react to the use of this essential oil. Pregnant women should also discuss the use of Monarda with their obstetrician before using this product. When contemplating the use of any new-to-you skin treatment product, definitely discuss its merits with your doctor. You'll primarily want to address any potential allergies; your allergic reaction may be different from other people's allergies due to your unique body's sensitivity.